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Dr. Monty White, Chief Executive Officer for AiG UK sent us a report today on their move to a new building as the UK creation ministry continues to expand.

Ken, we have started the move. Our staff plus some volunteers have erected the racking for the bulk stock. All of the bulk stock has been moved to the new area. The warehouse will be closed all next week and we will move the picking stock on Tuesday. Office furniture will be moved on Wednesday.

A supporter from Northern Ireland has given us the carpet for the Resources Room and for the area of the warehouse that is being occupied by staff. The carpet is being laid today and tomorrow. All the screens are in place – upstairs offices and downstairs. The new telephone system is being installed and the computers will be moved at the beginning of next week. We are using the telephone cabling for our computers, thus saving us money. The new electrical cabling will be installed on Friday and Saturday. So, you can see, it’s all go!

I have included two photographs. One shows the actual building they are moving into and one shows Monty White helping to move various materials.

It is SO exciting to see the UK ministry expanding. The Lord has blessed mightily. Please pray for Monty and the staff in England as they minister not just to the UK but throughout Europe.

So, you can see, it’s all go!


Pat Marsh, our head exhibit designer recently asked a talented painter who does murals if he would be interested in being contracted to paint one of the murals for the Creation Museum. Well---even artists can get emotional over the creation/evolution issue---read on:

Dear Pat, Thank you very much for thinking of me for your mural project. I will have to turn you down, however. I am an evolutionist who believes that the promotion of the creation “theory” is one of the most dangerous things happening to education in this country at this time. It has nothing to do with science and everything to do with spreading religious propaganda. To promote this religious idealogy as science is a great diservice to the advancement of science and especially science education. I have no problem with anyone holding creationism as a private belief, or teaching it in Sunday school, but to promote it as a “scientific theory” or to teach it in public schools will only bring America back to the Dark Ages. If you would like to debate this issue at anytime, let’s have at it. Needless to say, I won’t lend my talents to this project. Still, I want you to know that I have no disrespect for you or your organization on a personal level, as I believe that everyone has the freedom to believe what they want. However, only science should be taught in science class (and science museums).

Thanks again for considering me.

Regards (Name Withheld)

“The Church says the Earth is flat, but I have seen the shadow of the Earth on the Moon and know that it is round. Therefore I have more faith in a shadow than in the Church.” Magellan

I instructed Pat to write back and say, ‘Yes---we would love to debate this issue---you said, "anytime"---name the place and time, we’ll do it.’

It will be interesting to see what his response will be!


I did an interview last week that was published in an Agape Press news item—here is the link: http://headlines.agapepress.org/archive/9/62005d.asp


A person from Belfast (Northern Ireland) sent this message to us recently about a news item from Belfast we linked to in a past blog:

In respect of the link you have on Ken's Monday Aug 29 blog to the Belfast Telegraph here, and the infamous (here at least) Gerry Anderson's musings, rest assured he's considered no less a crackpot here amongst his 'peers' as he comes across from the drivel within that article. He's a totally unlikeable, irreverent, blasphemous (Catholic) man who takes great pleasure in deriding everything considered good or 'holy' in any shape. Few here entertain him, other than those of his own 'kind' who are as bent as he is!! So just thought I'd share that nugget with you, as I found it incredible to have a link from our little province on your wonderful site/information etc. Hoping to make it to Monty's talk in the Crescent in October. Keep up the EXCELLENT Work guys! Blessings’

Monty White (CEO of AiG UK) had a letter published in the Belfast Telegraph responding to this nasty piece of journalism:


As well as a number of meetings, today I did a secular radio interview on Creation/Evolution and the ID movement. Also, this afternoon I met with a Christian university professor who works in a secular university. We talked about ways this prof may be able to influence students for the truth on a pagan university campus.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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