Outreach to School Children

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AiG is now involved in a special outreach to public school children in Mississippi (one of the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina). As the creation meetings for this weekend in Mississippi had to be cancelled because of the hurricane damage, we have been talking with the sponsoring church about ways we can help them in their witness to the community and for their own needs. (By the way, we promised to go down to Mississippi later on when things have been restored enough for us to come and conduct our seminar).

We have come up with a unique relief effort that I believe can be a powerful witness in the community—and to thousands of public school children. I would ask all of you reading this blog to go to the following link and read my letter and learn about what we are doing. And, if you can support in any way—even if just to sponsor one child—please consider doing that—for just a small amount, you all can be involved in this powerful opportunity to share the love of Christ and witness to a needy student.

Dino Gets Molded

The 40 foot Sauropod dinosaur that Buddy Davis sculptured is now being molded so it be can cast in a special material to turn it into a super animatronic dinosaur (See the two photographs). The molding actually takes about 6 weeks—then the company doing the casting and animatronics will take a few months to complete the project before it is installed in the Creation Museum Lobby.

Visiting Gospel Singing Group

Today a Southern Gospel Quartet, Ed Enoch and The Stamps, drove up in their large motorhome and set up on the path around the lake in front of the lobby entrance to the Museum. Staff and guests during AiG’s lunch hour gathered on the lawn to listen to a special concert. What a wonderful time we had. Bob and Jan Thompson (two of our dear “full time” volunteers) personally know this group, so they asked them if they would drop in to do a free concert for AiG.

Well—another radio interview today—I also recorded some “share-a-thon” spots for a Christian radio station. Lots of meetings today and on Saturday I have to spend time preparing for the next four days. I travel to Dallas, Texas for a series of lectures at a Bible College and also to speak at a Creation Museum fund raiser—as well as visit some potential donors—it will be a busy few days.

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