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This morning I was on an hour long radio program with a secular station. The host of this morning program was dealing with the creation/evolution debate, Intelligent Design, and other related topics. A listener wrote to the radio host and challenged him to have me on as she was concerned they were not informed enough to be making the statements they were coming out with. The radio host contacted me and asked me to be on this morning.

We had a lot of interesting calls—let me tell you about two that stood out:

After I had answered a few questions about Genesis, evolution and the age of the earth—a caller then said he wanted to make a statement, not ask a question. He then went on to say something like, "I want everyone to know that there are a lot of rational thinking intelligent people who like me believe in evolution. I believe what Richard Dawkins believes." He went on and on about this sort of thing. Eventually I was able to ask him if I could ask him a question. He said that was ok. So I asked him to tell everyone what evidence convinced him of evolution. He then said, "the fossil record, Carbon 14…". I interrupted him and said, "wait a minute, don’t’ just generalize—give me some specifics—you must have something that really convinced you, something so convincing others listening will be convinced—give me some specifics." He then paused for a moment and said, "well the fossils in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC and in London…". I then said, "what in the fossils—I was just at the Smithsonian and saw all their fossils—so what specficially?" He said, "well didn’t you see the species that changed?" I said, "yes—but that’s not evolution—speciation has nothing to do with molecules to man evolution when you understand it correctly—there are different species of dogs, but they are still dogs—for molecules to man evolution you need new information added into the genes." He then paused and said, "what do you mean by ‘information?’" – I then went on to explain this in detail—the call then ended.

It’s so sad, but I do find most people who try to argue about the origins issue just believe what they believe because they believe it—because that’s what they’ve been taught—they read it somewhere—most have very little if any idea about the real arguments.

The last caller started talking about people having different beliefs and beliefs changing and so on—somewhat rambled on about this sort of thing, eventually making a statement like "everyone has a right to their own morality anyway." I then stopped him and made sure I understood what he really said—he reaffirmed it—so I then said well can I have my own morality—which he agreed to –so I said "well, what if my morality is that types like you are dangerous, so I want to shoot you—can I do that?" With a loud voice he said "No—that’s not right!" Well you can imagine what I said next, pointing out the inconsistency in his logic etc.

The above are typical of where many people are at! That’s why we need to get good information out to people.


AiG Australia received this email today:

"I was reading Creation Magazine Vol 27(4) and I was greatly inspired by Ken Ham's article 'Turning Greeks into Jews'. It gave me much insight into evangelical strategies and I believe it will empower me to touch more people out there. I would just like to ask if that article could please be published on the website so I can link to it and send it to many of my friends and colleagues to help them with their evangelism, or if I may have permission to use (quoted) extracts from the article. Thank God for Creation magazine and all the staff therein, you are all such a huge blessing to the cause of getting people to know our Lord, Jesus Christ. God bless you all and continue the fantastic work in Jesus' name!"


I happened to be in the Café this afternoon while our head exhibit designer, Patrick Marsh was supervising in the installation of the booths constructed by our staff in the AiG Woodshop. It was a good opportunity to have my photograph taken with Patrick—see enclosed photographs.


This evening I had the privilege of showing author and well known motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar through our offices and Museum. He is in town for a special seminar.


This morning, Mark Looy and myself (with audio technician Ben Wilt) recorded the next 45 radio programs for our 90 second daily that is on hundreds of stations across the USA.


Hurricane Katrina has caused many problems in the USA as I’m sure you are all aware. Not only are we encouraging people to give to a Hurricane relief fund (we link to GLS from the front page of our web site), but our leadership team met this afternoon to formulate a way we can help the church that I was supposed to speak at this coming weekend in Mississippi. Together with the pastor of that church, we have come up with a plan to help the church and its local community—I will tell you more about that during the next few days as the plan comes together.

I would also ask you to pray for AiG. During such times of public crises, organizations dependant on donations often notice a dip in their support—we have noticed a dip in mail and support since the Hurricane hit—we know many will be sacrificially giving to a lot of funds during this time—we just ask that you pray and ask the Lord to watch over AiG.

The US post office has advised they will not be delivering mail to certain zip codes in Louisiana and other areas affected by the Hurricane—we have had to stop Creation Magazines and newsletters going to these addresses—obviously some of our supporters are in these affected areas, so we would ask you to pray for them.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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