Labor Day Labors!

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Labor Day is well named—I had to "labor" most of the day getting a new booklet written that we will offer in October. I entitled the booklet: ‘From Creation to Bethlehem—Who Were The Two Adams?’ It has a "Christmas" theme (but can be used anytime of the year) and is written with both the non-Christian and Christian in mind. It is actually a booklet to explain the gospel beginning in Genesis to a world that by and large doesn’t believe Genesis and doesn’t understand the foundation of the gospel. I’ve sent it on to our staff that edit and check it out—look for it to be offered in the AiG October newsletter.

I also completed the October newsletter article and reviewed a number of articles for Creation Magazine.

Tonight, a number of our family are getting together for a BBQ.


You’ve all probably heard about evolutionists popularizing the idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds—well, here is an interesting article from "The Sunday Times" in England, (I have also inserted two quotes from the article to wet your appetite):

THE popular image of Tyrannosaurus rex and other killer dinosaurs may have to be changed as a scientific consensus emerges that many were covered with feathers…The way these creatures are depicted can no longer be considered scientifically accurate,” he said. “All the evidence is that they looked more like birds than reptiles. Tyrannosaurs might have resembled giant chicks.,,2087-1764136,00.html


Philip Bell from AiG UK sent a link to an article which mentions him.

Even with all the news about the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, and the death of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the USA, the creation/evolution issue continues to make headlines around the world.

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