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I want to publicly sincerely thank Dr. Jerry Falwell (see photograph of Dr. Falwell bringing a devotion at the MEGA conference) and Liberty University for allowing us to use the facilities at Liberty for the MEGA conference. We are so thrilled that there are Christian Universities that take an ardent stand on a literal Genesis.

Every student who attends Liberty must go through the Creation Studies program--an apologetics course dealing with the Creation/Evolution issue (using a lot of information from AiG sources etc).

Liberty University was one of the co-sponsors of the MEGA conference. They had a booth at the conference (see photograph)--many people indicated they wanted their children to attend this university because of its stand on Genesis. I had so many tell me they didn't realize there was a Christian university like Liberty that stood so solidly behind AiG (Actually, there are a handful of such colleges--but sadly, not many).

Our son Jeremy is attending Liberty (he graduates next year) and our daughter Kristel (who is still being home schooled) is considering Liberty.


We could not begin to even say thanks enough to Dr. David DeWitt. He is an Associate Professor in biology and Director of the Creation Studies course at Liberty. He also was one of the featured speakers at the MEGA conference. Dr. DeWitt was our main contact at Liberty and without him this conference would not have been the phenomenal success it was. Because of Dr. DeWitt's commitment to the creation ministry, he (along with Dr. Falwell) had such a burden to see the University involved in this conference.

David has become a great friend of AiG and a personal friend. Thanks David! What an awesome job you did.


I have also attached a photograph of the people who attended the final Friday session of the MEGA conference standing and singing (led by Buddy Davis) the great hymn of praise, "How Great Thou Art."


Mally and I arrived home last night. We are now feverishly trying to get ready for the two week Israel tour--leaving tomorrow (Sunday). Mally is madly washing and ironing. Our son Jeremy (who also worked all week at the MEGA conference) is mowing the lawn etc. Daughters Danielle and Kristel are helping their Mum get everything ready. I am preparing power point presentations, writing blogs, answering emails and also getting ready for our fund raising banquet at the Museum tonight--it's like a 'mad house' around here today! I also have to round up all the adaptors, computer and camera equipment etc. we are taking to Israel. I will post an itinerary for you so you can be praying for the trip.

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