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I've attached more MEGA photos, and below you will find our Israel itinerary.


1. The tired sound, video and Internet staff! It was a LONG week. 2. Our new "Answers Academy" curricula exhibit—the curricula was a very popular purchase at the MEGA Conference. 3 and 4. Photos of people checking out and purchasing books, DVD's etc. from the large resource display.

mc210.jpg mc508.jpg mc510.jpg mc972.jpg ISRAEL ITINERARY

By the time you read this, we will (God willing) be arriving in Israel. The following is the itinerary for our two weeks so you can pray for us:

Monday 4:45 pm - Arrive Tuesday - Day in Jerusalem - Meeting with Grace in Truth Congregation Wednesday - Youth Conference in Achziv Thursday - Youth Conference in Jerusalem Friday - Student Conference in Tel-Aviv Saturday - Preaching in the morning / Meeting at night - Tiberius Sunday - Thursday - Site seeing (Galilee, Golan, Jaffa, Masada and Jerusalem) Friday - Adult Conference - Yad HaShmona / Depart around 8:30 pm

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