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The Mega conference came to an end today (Friday). I gave a 30 minute presentation on "Go you into all the world and preach the gospel." Then the audience stood and Buddy Davis led us all as we sang "How Great Thou Art." I must admit, I had goose bumps just listening to this.


After a presentation on the Creation Museum, we then took up an offering to go towards the 1 million dollar matching gift a donor has offered. We received a total of $80,000 in gifts/pledges---then today, a couple said they would give $100,000 and another lady handed us a check for $5,000. A number of people said they were going to arrange some things when they arrived home and send in a donation towards the matching gift. Please continue to pray for this.


As people prepared to leave the MEGA conference this morning, I had almost a continuous string of people thanking AiG for the conference and sharing how the ministry had greatly affected/changed their lives.

a. A man who came from Italy said he doesn't know of anyone in Italy involved in teaching creation--he said the conference was a turning point for him in many ways. He's coming back for the opening of the Creation Museum in 2007--he was SO excited at what he learned.

b. A lady told me that when I was in Lynchburg a few years ago, her husband was not a Christian and wouldn't come to the meeting where I was speaking. However, AiG materials were integral in this man becoming a Christian---and he attended the MEGA conference!

c. I had quite a number of young people ask what they needed to do (qualifications etc.) so they could eventually work for AiG! What a thrill to see this younger generation so committed to God's Word---and wanting to be a part of the ministry of AiG.

d. A retired surgeon told me he was available to speak etc.---and wanted to do whatever he could to get the message out. Another man said he just retired and felt he had a few years where he could volunteer to help in any way at AiG.

e. I received an email from a college professor after I arrived home---this is an excerpt from what she said:

I have just finished attending nearly all of the sessions of the Creation MEGA Conference - what a great experience!! The entire conference was absolutely wonderful with well-qualified speakers challenging all participants both spiritually and intellectually... They are all very godly, and yet humble, servants whose desire to present Biblical creation and all of the scientific, as well as theological, information was clearly evident in each session. Throughout the week I attended over 22 sessions, gaining new insights as to why we as Christians need to be well-grounded in the Genesis account of creation in order to clearly present the Gospel message to the secular world.
Well, there is so much more, but obviously we don't have the time to share it all. Our flight home was on time and our luggage arrived! I heard that some people were bumped off their flight in Lynchburg---and Buddy and Kay Davis arrived home without their luggage (and without Buddy's guitar)---they are hoping the airline will deliver it all sometime tonight. Oh, the 'joys' of flying!

I included two photos to you today from our headquarters (our MEGA conference photographer is on his way home by car and will send me some more conference photos tomorrow). The photos today are of one of the small waterfalls under construction as part of the nature trails---the other one shows some of our staff working on the Café as they begin to modify it as per our exhibit designer's plans for it to be themed after Noah's Ark.

Please pray for the thousands of books and videos that people obtained at the MEGA conference---pray they will be used to reach many for Christ.

Thanks for praying,


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