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Work on the Museum exhibits is in full swing. After one walks through the lobby, then through a section of the Grand Canyon, a person arrives at a dig site. Scientists will be observed digging a raptor skeleton out of the ground. While an outside company is constructing the dig site itself (together with display areas for dinosaur fossils), Buddy Davis is busy sculpting the raptor skeleton for this exhibit. Buddy sent me two photographs today (see photos at bottom of today's Blog) showing the work he is doing in his Henpeck, Ohio Studio.


Mark Looy and myself met with a missionary couple from Bangladesh this morning. They are involved in a Christian school in this Muslim country. They have an exciting opportunity to teach the creation message to the students, teachers and others. We are going to be giving them various materials and other help. They want to translate many of our booklets into the native language of the country. We just stand in awe of our God as we see how He is using AiG around the world to reach people for Christ.


Mark and myself also met with a retired engineer from Virginia who has a real burden to reach pastors and others with the creation message. We spent time getting to know each other and offering advice etc. This man will be attending the MEGA conference and also our Creation College 2 planned for June/July next year.


I am following up the item concerning the news report about the Creation Museum that appeared on the Fox News major news hour on Monday July 4th. Today Fox news had the report and link to the clip shown on the Fox news on the front page of the web site. You can link to this by going to: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,161643,00.html

GLOBAL TELEVISION--Media blitz continues

The Washington DC Correspondent of the 3rd largest television network in Canada visited the Museum this afternoon and spent some time interviewing me (and filming throughout the Museum). This is for a news item that will be shown during their 6.30 pm news program in a couple of weeks. The news program is hosted by Kevin Newman who used to be a news broadcaster with ABC Television in the USA. Global Television also has links with other countries including channel 10 in Australia.

Mark Looy also did a radio interview today.

There wasn't much left of my day after all this--but I still had to meet with various people concerning special projects we have going at the moment. We have a unique sculpting project we have commissioned with one of our sculptors for a fund raiser for the Museum--but I will keep you in suspense and tell you more about the later!

I am addressing all the staff tomorrow, and then after some meetings will fly to Alabama for a Home School Conference.


This week the Cincinnati Archdiocese newspaper of the Catholic church published an article about the creation/evolution issue expressing concern about the Creation Museum. You can read the whole article at (or read the excerpt I have pasted in below):


Locally, Gleason is also concerned about the influence of opposing religious views on creation because of announced plans by the Answers in Genesis global ministry headed by Ken Ham to build a 50,000-square-foot Creation Museum & Family Discovery Center in northern Kentucky. Gleason said some parents are already worried that their children will be drawn unwittingly to the center at an impressionable age and become confused about church teachings.

The proposed center is expected to offer science museum exhibits, interpreted as proof, of a biblical account that states God created the Earth and all that is in it over six days in only 6,000 years.

Such views are contrary to accepted accounts of the Earth's origin by a majority of scientists who believe that life evolved from genetic material that appeared in Earth 3.9 billion years ago and from which the modern Homo sapiens emerged 50,000 years ago.


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