Radio shows, visitors and a great curriculum

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The AiG ministry is so busy!

We were supposed to record 45 radio programs this morning—but the air-conditioning had a problem and Mark Looy's voice had problems—so we had a short recording session—about a minute! We rescheduled for Monday (which means the staff have to really get hopping to get the programs to the 700 stations on time). Well—I was still jet lagged anyway—and I needed to meet with various staff anyway. I spent a few hours with our Events Director going over the phenomenal things happening in our events department. We also had a leadership meeting for a couple of hours this afternoon - and then showed a special guest through the Museum (finally arrived home for supper (tea) at 8.30pm).


I had the opportunity of showing the CEO of Focus on the Family through the AiG offices and Museum construction this afternoon. Because AiG is so close to the airport, we often have VIP's calling in to visit with us.


Tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon I have a TV on site with a Canadian network. Please pray for this. (Dr. Terry Mortenson did a radio interview this afternoon--we seem to have media opportunities on almost a daily basis).


I was thrilled today to see the packaging for our new curriculum (13 DVD's plus student and teacher books in a specially designed curriculum box) called Answers Academy. We are releasing this at the MEGA conference. Thanks to the many AiG staff involved in this project—what a 1st class job they've done—the professionalism is obvious for all aspects of this new program. I've included a photograph for you--make sure you order a copy! (or come to the MEGA conference and get our very special offer for participants!)

answersacademy.jpg Well - a busy day ahead Wednesday - meetings all day (plus the TV interview).

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying


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