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This morning (Sunday, June 26, 2005), Mally and I collected my Mum and attended the morning service at Sunnybank Baptist Church (located in one of the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane).

Nearly 20 years ago, Mally and I were set apart from this church as missionaries to the USA through the Answers in Genesis ministry. We are members of this church and on the missionary list for people to pray for us.

Whenever we are able to attend, the pastor asks me to give a "Missionary Spot" to inform the congregation on the latest happenings in our lives and the AiG ministry in the USA. After I shared this morning, I had a number of people tell me they are planning to come over to see the Creation Museum in 2007 (we are working towards an opening date of April, 2007).

I have attached two photographs of the church.


My mother organized a BBQ lunch (the typical Aussie BBQ) after church for my brothers and sisters and their families. We had a great time of fellowship--lots of laughing. Actually made me feel quite homesick being reminded of the family gatherings we miss out on most of the year.

I have also attached a photograph taken today of myself and my Mum. I praise the Lord for a Godly mother who prays for us everyday.

img_8642_3.JPG img_8639_1.JPG img_8635_2.JPG Thanks for your prayers also.


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