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During winter, the whales move up the east coast of Australia, and with a reasonable pair of binoculars, one can see them easily. From the 22nd floor of the apartment complex we are in, we could see the splashes made by the whales even without binoculars. I used the telephoto on my camera to try to get a shot and I could see the tail quite easily. I've attached a photo of the ocean as we see it from our unit---then a close up of one of the whales---it's not a good photo, but gives you an idea.


Dr. Terry Mortenson sent this report:

I thought you'd be encouraged to read the thank-you that I received in the mail recently from a student at a Christian university, where I spoke this spring. She had just come to PBU after studying for a year at secular university, where she said evolution was aggressively promoted. She heard my lectures in two classes and in chapel. She wrote:

Dear Dr. Mortenson,

"Thank you for presenting at our school, Philadelphia Biblical University. I have since used AiG material to argue creationism with my dad, who is unsaved, and with people on the street. Thank you for sending me a copy of your PowerPoint presentation slides. They are an excellent concise review of the material. I look forward to using the materials to enrich the street evangelism team and others in need of a creationist overview. Keep up the good work!"

That's what our ministry together is all about—equipping believers to more confidently share their faith and to teach others and defend the truths of Genesis 1--11 which are so foundational to the gospel.


Look at the photo of the Aussie bush I've included with this blog. This was taken from the front of my sister- and brother-in-laws house---we visited them for 'afternoon tea' today. I must admit, looking at this view of the bush makes us homesick!

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