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All the Way from Italy

The Flecks, missionaries to US military personnel stationed near Pisa, Italy, actually planned their trip to America around Friday’s special “behind the scenes” tour for museum charter members. They get the “prize” for the person who traveled the most distance four this special Charter Member program!

Fleck Family

Proud Grandparents

Well I couldn’'t help but put in some pictures of the grandkids today! They were on vacation in Florida, and our son Nathan sent us these photographs: Grandchildren: Malachi, Kathryn, Noah. Nathan and Kristy are the parents.

At the Beach At the Beach At the Beach

On Our Way

When you are reading this, we should be on a plane somewhere over the Pacific on the way to Down Under. I’ll send reports from Australia with photographs--but don’t get too jealous!

MacArthur Endorsement

We were thrilled to receive the following endorsement from Dr. John McCarthur for AiG’s new Answers Academy video series. This 13-part program (with many more to be produced in the future) will feature 30-minute lectures by Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Terry Mortenson, and myself. AiG’s writers have produced a curriculum to go along with this teaching series which will be suitable for teens through adults. This is the brainchild of the head of our video department Paul. I’ll tell you more about them when they are released in July. Here is the endorsement:

Ken Ham, with his emphasis on the authority and truth of Scripture, has been such a blessing to our church. The same kinds of messages he has shared with our congregation are now available in a new DVD-based curriculum. Designed primarily for teens, this is a much-needed tool for young Christians to know how to defend their faith—and to witness more effectively.

–Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church, California, bestselling author and well-known radio host of Grace to You

Interesting Link

We received an interesting email from a supporter in Wales:

If Ken has the time I wonder if he would look at a recent weblog post against evolution by an atheistic history teacher from Wales, UK. The post has made waves in the blogosphere, despite the fact that the poster is only going by his own observations in life and not trying any sort of scientic critique of evolution. Truly, evolutionists are very insecure and demonstrate this when their position is challenged.

I thought you might like to read the article (as I did):

Well, as always, thanks for stopping by and keep praying!

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