Thoughts of Roast Lamb Running Through Our Minds

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(Sent 11:15 pm--Saturday night)

4 Down and 15 To Go!

With the marvels of modern technology, I am sending this to you from the waiting area of Gate 120 at LAX airport—surrounded by millions of kids with the “people to People” organization! We’ve flown for four hours from Cincinnati, and now only 15 hours to go! We are flying on Qantas to Auckland, New Zealand, then connecting through to Brisbane, Australia. We’re already tired! But, Mally’s father has a roast lamb dinner waiting for us after we arrive—so that’s something to look forward to.

I just can’t wait to sit for 12 hours straight in the “animal section” (coach) with my knees stuffed into the seat in front which will be pushed back so you can hardly breathe! Just can’t wait for that sumptuous airline food! (Actually, because I fly so much, we had free upgrades on the Delta flight. And because the flight was over 1550 miles, they actually served a meal! Mally took one bite and said, “This is THE worst chicken I have ever tasted in my life!” I couldn’t even verify it was chicken!) Just can’t wait to try to sleep sitting up with no place to turn! Whoever invented this system should be sued for cruelty to humans! Have I complained enough yet?!

By the time you read this we should be just about in Auckland!

I’ve attached a photograph of the evening sky with a Qantas plane at the LAX airport Saturday.

Evening Sky

Ken and Mally

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