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This morning (Sunday) I spoke at two services in Jackson Hole Community Bible Church. The chairman of the AiG board, Don Landis, is the pastor. The attached photograph shows Don Landis and his wife Bev standing at the front of the Church. Don is one of the finest (and most passionate) Bible teachers I have ever met. If you ever visit Jackson---attending church and sitting under Don's teaching is a MUST.

There were many visitors---people came from all over Wyoming, from Idaho, some came from Montana---a father and son drove from Seattle!

As well as giving two talks, I gave an update on the Museum. There is so much interest in the Creation Museum---and the most asked question I get these days is, "when will the Museum be opened?"

Some Highlights:

  • One lady told me how her ministry was to get AiG material into the hands of people on Indian Reservations.
  • Another lady told me she was sad her high school age son couldn't be with her. She said "he needed to hear this." She told me her son is just bombarded by evolutionary teaching at public school---and she recognizes the effect this can have on them. She purchased some resources to give to him.
  • One family was thanking me for AiG etc., when one of their teenage daughters said "your talk was really interesting." Teenagers really do connect with the messages we bring as it makes the Bible real in today's world. I've had so many young people tell me that to them church was irrelevant until they heard a message from an AiG speaker.
  • One man excitedly told me he was a lifetime charter member of the Museum---he can't wait for the opening. Another man told me he wanted to become a charter member. There is no doubt the Museum is creating a tremendous amount of interest. If you are not a charter member, maybe you should really consider becoming one---go to: Charter Membership.


I have also enclosed a photograph of Mally and me under one of the arches that is made totally of ELK antlers that is right in the center of town. Pretty incredible!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying.


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