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At the "Crossroads"

Crossroads Bible College, a growing creationist Bible College (that also deals with multi-ethnic and racial reconciliation issues) asked Answers in Genesis to teach a week of classes this week on Genesis/Creation/Evolution etc.

Dr. Charles Ware, President of the College (see photograph) and AiG have developed a great friendship and working relationship. Dr. Ware is one of the most dynamic teaching pastors I've ever met. He has spoken at a number of our conferences (I recommend his DVD's such as It doesn't take a PhD) and will be a guest speaker at our MEGA conference.

I got up at 5 am this morning to drive to Indianapolis to begin this week of classes. Dr. Terry Mortenson and Dr. Jason Lisle will each teach two days of classes to finish the week out.

If only more Bible Colleges and Christian Colleges (rather than just the handful we know of) would take the stand on Genesis that Crossroads Bible College takes.

You never know

One of the Academic staff at the College told me of the phenomenal effect one of my books had on him when he was in the military. He said that as a Christian, he had a conversation with an atheistic evolutionist that caused him to start to doubt. He came across one of our books---then he was able to defend his faith. He had another conversation with this evolutionist who then was the one doubting evolution! One never knows how the Lord is using the resources AiG distributes. Reaching African-American Churches

Dr. Ware and a number of African-American Pastors took me out to lunch. We discussed plans to run a conference to reach the people in the African-American churches in Indianapolis. We praise the Lord for the contacts He is giving us to enable us to reach these churches.

Well, I'm typing this on our way home (my son-in-law Bodie, who is a speaker and manager of the Answers Department, is driving.) I am using my super-duper latest technology to send this email to our Web Director from the car so it can be put up on my daily Blog! Technology is fantastic---when it works!!

I'll Be "Rockin'"

Mark Looy just called me and told me a secular rock station in Seattle wants to interview me tomorrow (Tuesday)---they read the article about the Creation Museum that first appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer. This article was picked up by Associated Press and has appeared in many places across the nation and other parts of the world.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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