Another "ordinary" day at AiG

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What's "EVOLVING" at AiG?

Well, in the right sense of the word, the new conference room is evolving (see photograph) and the new front gate/fence is evolving (see photograph).

I "rocked" in Seattle today!

Two radio hosts (called D.J. No-Name and Jennifer) at a secular heavy rock station called me today for a live 10-minute interview. They had seen a news article on the Creation Museum.

Well it was an interesting time. They were very cordial, but I don't think they were ready for what happened. According to people who had been listening to the station that morning, it was advertised that they would be talking to some "nut case" about dinosaurs, etc. They asked many questions and I gave answers---but I don't think they weren't prepared for logical answers that showed we could defend our faith and the Bible's history.

During the interview, DJ said he was brought up in the church and had never heard any of this information/answers I was giving. This is so typical of what has happened over the years---which is why so many from this generation no longer have anything to do with the church.

At the end of the interview, one of them said "my brain hurts!" I am sending each of them an Answers Book, a couple of DVD's and a Creation Magazine. Pray they will read/watch the resources and that the Lord will challenge them.

I have already received emails from people who heard the interview---here are a couple:

Before Ken came on the phone, there seemed to be some mixed attitudes by the two program hosts. It was so fascinating to hear the hosts hit Ken with questions and/or comments which showcased so well the attitude of the untaught world as to evolution vs creation, the validity of the Bible, etc. Ken did so well in responding to their comments! My personal opinion is that the two radio hosts were non-plused by the wealth of information and truth coming from Ken. After Ken hung up, Jennifer, the female co-host, wanted them to do or play something "fun". It was like as if both hosts were trying to get their breath after the interview. What a great work and important AIG is doing in this drifting nation and world! Makes one proud to be affiliated!
I just wanted to thank Ken for talking this morning on the radio station that I listen to. That was awesome! The D.J.'s came at him with such distain and skepticism, and he followed through on every single one of his points! I loved it and wish that I could hear more of him. Please let me know when he might be visiting the Seattle area.
I also was interviewed by a left wing magazine today re the creation/evolution issue in schools. The reporter had seen a news article on the Creation/Evolution issue.

Tonight Mally and I with two of our dear friends, Tim and Joy went out for dinner at Newport on the Levy---a great seafood restaurant that is on the Ohio River across from Cincinnati!

Our astronomer Jason Lisle called to suggest we could use telescopes to look at the stars tonight (he is starting to do regular night viewing programs for the staff---eventually he will do programs like this as part of the Museum outreach)---then the clouds came over and that put a stop to that!

Just another "ordinary" day in the AiG ministry.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying.


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