Valuable Volunteers, Dedicated Staff and a Chicago Finale

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Valuable Volunteers:

What would we do without our reliable volunteers! The Lord has provided AiG with some very special volunteers in various departments of the ministry. In the outreach department, we praise the Lord for the Garcia family. Janice (and sometimes her husband when he can get off work) and their twin daughters (Elizabeth and Sarah) have been a phenomenal help at many of our seminars (See the photograph below).

We just couldn't get the resources out the way we do without such expert help. They are home schoolers and just love the ministry of AiG. What a blessing they were at the Home School conference this past three days in the Chicago area. With the auditorium over a quarter of mile from the facility with all the vendors (about 60 vendors), our staff were run off their feet!

Dedicated Staff:

Two AiG staff (Steve and Louis) drove two of our trucks with large trailers packed full of the resources. While Steve looked after the speaking aspect (ensuring my microphone set up was done--making sure the PowerPoint worked--trouble shooting when the projector stopped working etc.) the others looked after the resource sales (see photographs showing part of our set up in the vendor hall). Steve also kept 'running' back and forward from the auditorium to the Vendor Hall. A good way to lose weight!

Some more Highlights from Chicago:

This morning I gave the last two of 10 talks for this conference. The second talk was a keynote--given to about 2000 people. I spoke on 'The Genesis Family--Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly Age.' I have greatly upgraded this talk which includes my testimony and a challenge about how parents need to educate their children. I had a tremendous response afterwards--people lined up to thank me, ask questions, give a testimony as to how the Lord has used AiG to change their life. One lady said she was only a new Christian and the information from AiG has been such a help to her--she was so thankful.

I had to smile when a mum and her 14 year old daughter came up to me. The daughter said, 'I've read all your books and I just love your ministry.' She wanted her photograph taken with me. She was so excited to have been there! What a blessing to see teenagers like this turned on for this message of biblical authority. It gives one hope for the next generation!

Well I'm typing this blog from Gate L10 at the busiest airport in the world--Chicago O'Hare. Even for a Saturday afternoon (which is not usually a busy one at airports) there are people everywhere! If the plane is on time, we should get home by 6.30 pm or so. I'm looking forward to NOT speaking tomorrow (Sunday) but attending our home church!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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