Busy But Rewarding in Chicago

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I spoke four times (officially that is)---in between talks I spoke almost non-stop with lots and lots of people. Many thanked me for the information that has changed their lives etc. There were so many testimonies I couldn't write them down or remember them---however, a few highlights:

  • Before I gave the first keynote address today (to 2000 people--see photos), I gave an update on the Creation Museum---people just can't wait for it open. Pray we can do just that in 2007.
  • One lady told me her pastor had told her (years ago) about the so called "curse of Ham" in regard to dark skinned people. For the first time in her life, she told me, she now understood the truth---there was no "curse of Ham" and we are all of one biological race etc. I get so many positive responses to the "Race" talk.
  • One of the organizers of the Homeschool conference told me that after I spoke at their conference a few years ago, a dark-skinned man came up and said "I am now FREE."
  • Another young couple wanted to talk about the "interracial marriage issue" (I explain there is no such thing biologically, as there is only one race---it's the two spiritual races (Godly and ungodly) that shouldn't mix in marriage)---they had been influenced by a racist "Christian" website.
  • An eleven-year-old boy (who came up after every talk I gave to ask me questions) wanted a photograph taken with me for his birthday---which was today!
  • Mally and I decided to "escape" tonight! One of the AiG board members (Dan Chin) and his wife came and collected us and took us to their home for supper (I can get so sick of restaurant and junk food!) We had a great time of relaxing fellowship. We went for a walk and then returned to the hotel at the facility. Just before we got out of the car I said to Dan that as soon as we get inside, people will be asking me questions (don't get me wrong, I don't mind---but I have to escape from it sometimes). Well, that didn't happen! Someone caught me before we even got inside the doors! But it was another one of those thrilling moments. A man said, "Aren't you Ken Ham?" He went on to say, "I'm a teacher at a local Community College and I use your material in my classes." So many others must be using our material---it's out there ministering to people---yes, the Lord is using AiG to spread a vital message.

Well, two more talks tomorrow and then we fly home. I have this Sunday off, but Monday I have to get up very early and travel to Indianapolis to speak at a Bible College all day---but more about that later.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!

Ken Ham

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