Airport Encounters and a Stomping T-Rex

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Airport Encounters ...

While my wife and I were waiting at the gate for our plane at Chicago O'Hare yesterday (Saturday), a man came up to introduce himself to me---he recognized me from videos, etc. He told me his father (who is a medical doctor---now over 80 years old, living in Alabama) just loves AiG. He said when his father came across the information from the creation ministry, he had something akin to a "conversion experience"---it was so life changing for him. I will look up us father's address on our database tomorrow (Monday) and send him a nice letter.

A Stomping T-Rex

Special very talented friends of AiG, Doug and Kathy, are producing some super-professional commercials to advertise the coming MEGA conference (make sure you seriously consider registering to come to this powerful and unique week of teaching in July). The commercials will also be modified and used for churches/TV to advertise various types of AiG conferences that will be in their areas. As part of the production of these commercials, Doug sculptured a miniature T-Rex (see the photo) that will be videoed and then it will be seen to stomp across the screen with booming sound affects of his footsteps! This will be a phenomenal advertisement. We praise the Lord for such talented people the Lord has brought alongside AiG. Ken

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