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Saturday was a long, but very rewarding day! Typically, numbers tend to drop from a Friday night to an all day Saturday session. Today around 1400 turned out! People were hungry for the messages.

During the breaks, people lined up to speak with me and Dr. Menton---lots and lots of questions and lots and lots of positive comments. People can't wait to see the Creation Museum open---there is so much interest in this. People also purchased a lot of resources. It's great to see the hunger for learning! I believe this conference will make a tremendous impact in this area.

It was thrilling to meet doctors, scientists, teachers, homemakers, students---in fact, people from all walks of life. Here are just some of the highlights.

  • A geologist told me he was so on fire for this message. He wanted to be connected to AiG to help in any way he could.
  • A family offered their professional services to help with the Museum.
  • A High school student (17-year-old young lady) wanted to speak to me---and she said, "I just wanted to say thanks---and please can I pray for you?" So right there she prayed for me and the ministry of Answers in Genesis. How special it is to see such dedicated Christian young people.
  • I had many positive comments about the "Races" talk (download the free booklet here)---many commented they had never heard such an approach before.
  • A Lutheran pastor told me he was fired up for the creation message after attending the AiG Creation coference in Indiana in 2002. He decided to start teaching through the book of Genesis. He has a church of 200 people and he said 90% of them were at the seminar! What a thrill just to meet and speak with such Godly pastors who understand this vital message. He told me he's coming to the MEGA conference---I hope you all are---don't miss out---you can register online.
  • Stacia McKeever (one of AiG's curriculum writers) ran workshops for the younger children. One of the young girls went to her mother (who told us her daughter had been asking many questions lately) and said she wanted her name to be in the Lamb's book of life. Praise the Lord!
  • One family told Buddy that they milk cows---when they are milking, the play Buddy's CD's and turn them up loud! Maybe it helps the cows to produce more milk!!
I wanted to tell you more about Dr. Menton's talk at the local secular University. The room was packed to overflowing with students and professors. During the question time at the end, some students and profs. expressed their antagonism to Dr. Menton. One young man was said to be an outstanding Christian on campus, greatly involved with one of the main Christian campus groups---he was an ardent Hugh Ross fan (billions of years, Big Bang, etc.)---very sad---but this is typical across America. These campus groups with compromising Christian leaders are undermining the authority of Scripure and sadly leading so many astray.

One man came down to Dr. Menton at the end---he was an atheist. He was very angry with Dr. Menton. Now you have to know Dave Menton to see this in context. He is brilliant, engaging and very even keeled. When he speaks, all of that is in evidence. Well, this young man came up to Dave shaking and screaming---he was screaming something like "you lie---you lied for an hour and a half---you lied." Dave had talked about death and the resurrection. He then told Dave he wanted to be there when he died so he could do something (which we won't repeat here) on his grave!! Wow---what antagonism! What a spiritual battle we are in. Dave kept his cool---he has such a great attitude and people who were there commented on how gracious Dave was compared to a number of the profs./students who attacked him.

During the conference, the committee chairpersons, Rob and Robin Smith-Weaver presented me with a tube of vegemite (one of my favorite "foods" from Australia). They also presented me with a PICKLE (they know I hate pickles!). They said they would go and personally drag 500 more people off the street to the conference if I ate the pickle in front of everyone! I answered, "Those that are here at the conference are those God wanted here!!" They also presented Buddy, Dave and me with "cheese" hats. See the photos below. For those who don't know, Wisconsin is the home of the "Green Bay Packers" (football team)---and Wisconsin is known for producing cheese---so the Green Bay Packer supporters have these "cheese" hats! They presented us these hats in front of the audience. It was a lot of fun.

One more thing I wanted to share with you. On Thursday, when we visited the Living Waters Camp and their Nature Center (Creation Museum) outreach---one of those involved gave us a taste of how they teach the young people and adults. Without any warning, he dropped a glass plate on the floor that smashed to pieces (see the photo). That shocked us---then he told us how they used that to talk about sin and what happened to the world---it's a broken world. I just love to see what others are doing and the creative ways they've developed to teach peole the truth about God's Word.

Well, thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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