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Travelling through time zones is always interesting. I woke up Friday morning at 4:30 am!

Buddy Davis and I spent the morning with 800 K-6 age school kids--what fun! The kids came from Christian schools, homeschools and some were even excused from the public schools to attend. Needless to say--there was a lot of excitment! At the end, lots of children wanted autographs and their photo taken with Buddy and his puppet dinosaur called Levi.

We had a short rest/lunch--then got ready for the after Junior High and Senior High school program. Again, about 800 attended--it is so thrilling to see these young people excited about getting answers and being equipped to defend the Christian faith. When we do a conference like this, we subsidize our materials so students can afford them. It was great to see many of them taking advantage of this program.

While Buddy and I were speaking to the children, Dr. David Menton was speaking at the University (more on that later).

The main conference began tonight at the convention center. 1600 people attended tonight! I've included a few pictures so you can get an idea.

As always, people come up and talk to us between sessions. Here's what some had to say...

  • One lady told me she had heard me on radio in Florida for years, and she was so excited to now have the opportunity to meet me in person.
  • A teenager told me he heard me speak at a conference last year. He said it changed his life. He is in the process memorizing Genesis 1-11 and will be showing our videos at church.
  • One man who speaks on creation said he watched Dr. Sarfati's video, Arguments Creationists Shouldn't Use and realized he was using arguments he shouldn't be using--this is a great example of how important it is for AiG to help people maintain the highest integrity in what they are doing.
Well, it's nearly 10:00 pm and we have an early start.

Thanks for stopping by and as always keep praying!


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