Sunday Morning in Tulsa

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Over 1000 people attended church this morning---some even sitting in overflow seating in the gym. I spoke on the importance of Genesis, the creation/evolution issue and the culture war that is growing each day in the USA.

People sometimes say the Bible isn't relevant---the Bible's always relevant! It addresses the very nature of the issues we face in life---if only people would give it a chance to do so!

Some comments from this morning:

  • A man said to me that he told his wife, "What Ken Ham and AiG are doing is changing their whole way of thinking." He went on to say he recognized we have all been indoctrinated to think in a secular way, and the AiG message was so important in changing that.
  • A 73-year-old man who was paralyzed on one side (presumably by something like a stroke) said he so wanted to attend the sessions, he had his wife drive him to the seminar all the way from Dallas, Texas. He attended all day Saturday and Sunday morning. He was so thrilled---he couldn't thank me enough.
  • One man told me after the seminar Friday night, that he mentioned to some of the people at his work that he had been to hear a speaker called Ken Ham. I think he was surprised (as was I!) that three of those at his work had heard me speak---one in Billings, Montana, one in San Diego and one in New York! He said, "you sure get around!"
  • I am being interviewed more and more these days. People are interested in the ministry! An article appeared in the Tulsa World this week (unfortunately, you need a subscription to read it online); I did a phone interview yesterday between sessions for another newspaper; and a french language newspaper from Montreal, Quebec, Canada is coming to the office tomorrow to interview me and others.
  • I had a great time speaking with Dr. Russ Humphreys this morning before he left to fly home. He did an excellent job speaking at our Tulsa conference. Russ is also one of our 25 speakers at the MEGA conference coming up in July at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Don't miss out on this---it's a unique conference. I don't believe such a creation conference has even been organized before---25 of the world's leading speakers/researchers on creation at one conference with two program tracks ---one that is technical and one that is more general. I would encourage you to attend this unique event.
Tonight's session is at Oral Roberts University---I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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