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Today the seminars began at 8:00 am---so I was up very early (daylight savings time doesn't help!). Dr. Humphreys and I both spoke twice today, and Buddy conducted a children's workshop for around 100 children in addition to a 30-minute concert. Here are some highlights and thoughts from the day.

  • We all commented on a phenomena that we have been noticing more and more in recent months---a large number of young people attending our seminars—they are hungry for the message. I must admit, it is thrilling to see the number of young people from 9 years old through teens coming up at the end of the talks and asking questions—or telling us they are using our material in school or college, etc.
  • A five-year-old boy asked Buddy Davis for his autograph—he then carried it around all day and wouldn't let his mother take it from him—Buddy Davis was his hero!
  • One young lady was able to obtain credit at college for attending the conference. She had to write a report and give a talk to her class on what she had learned. She saw it as a great opportunity to witness to her teacher and peers.
  • People who attended the seminar came not only from Oklahoma, but a number of others states (Arkansas, etc). One person said they came from Denver! They had looked at our calendar to see where there was an AiG seminar and made the trip.
  • I met a public school teacher today (not from the local area) who gives his students a special course in the problems with evolution. He sees it as important to do this and he uses material from AiG and other places to put this teaching together. Until you hear such testimonies, you never know where our material is ending up.
  • The local creation group who helped sponsor this conference have been pressuring county leaders to allow a creation display at the local Zoo. At this Zoo (which is also combined with a natural history Museum component) there are statues of pagan gods, etc., as well as the usual evolutionary teaching. The creation group have been showing officials there is viewpoint discrimination by allowing pagan idols from certain religions but not allowing a display about the Christian religion. Many at the seminar signed up to send a letter to the Mayor to support the creation group's battle to do something about this.
  • I had a number of couples come and thank me so much for the talk on "races". One couple had adopted children from different cultures—they were so thrilled with the message.
Tomorrow I speak twice in the morning and once in the evening. The church I'm speaking at in the evening meets at Oral Roberts University. I'm told there will be around 2500--3000 in attendance, including many profs from the school. It should be a great day for the Lord!

As always---thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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