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Buddy and Kay Davis and I flew into Tulsa Thursday evening in preparation for a busy weekend of ministry. I woke up Friday morning at around 4:45 am---answered some emails, had my devotions, breakfast and left for the church.

I spoke to 2 school assemblies, which I often do on weekends like this. About 1300 students were there! After sessions like this, kids always come up and talk to me. Here's just one example from this trip ...

A 12-year-old boy showed me a curriculum on creation he produced for his friends and family. He used material from AiG as well as other sources. He wanted to make sure he could do this under copyright laws---he wanted to make sure he was not breaking the law! I assured him there was no problem. He was so sincere about reaching people with the creation message---we need more young people, and adults, who have this sort of enthusiasm and dedication. He gave me a copy of his curriculum (quite well done) and I had him autograph it for me.
Last night over 800 people attended the seminar. I spoke first, then Dr. Russ Humphreys. Afterwards, two ladies from Oklahoma City came up and told me their pastor asked them to organize a VBS program on creation. They are attending the conference in Tulsa to get ideas and to learn. They said they would be using our materials (curricula, books, videos, etc.) and taking children to the zoo, the museum, on a geology excursion and a few other field trips---and explaining everything from a creationist perspective. It is such a blessing to hear of others using our materials in places we didn't even know about---I get so excited about finding out how far and wide AiG's effect has been. Praise the Lord.

An 11-year-old girl came to me and said, "Mr. Ham---you know that phrase about 'designed to do what it does do' that you taught us this morning (in the school session), would you do me a favor and say it for all the people tonight please." So, just before I introduced Dr. Humphreys, I told the audience that a young girl had asked me to do her a favor and teach them my saying I use when talking about animals. So then I said, "It's designed to do what it does do and what it does do, it does do well, doesn't it, don't you think, I think it does, do you, I do---hope you do too, do you?"

Buddy Davis conducted a hands on workshop with 90 children this evening. A number of students came up to him and said, "Buddy, will you come and be our teacher at school---we want you instead of the teacher we have." Kids! And of course, as is usual, I think just about all the children asked Buddy for his autograph!

Well---it's nearly midnight--and we begin again early in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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