Providing Meals and Hope Throughout the World

by Steve Ham on July 31, 2014

Last week we had the privilege of making a major announcement at the AiG Mega Conference in Costa Mesa, California. I’ll tell you about that in a moment, but first let me share a bit of background. You see, one of our ministry partners at the conference was Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF). Last year we commenced a strategy with CHF and the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) to deliver Answers in Genesis tracts along with food packages to people in need in many different countries around the world. We have been so encouraged to see how CHF and SGA have partnered with local churches in reaching out to people with help and hope in this much needed mercy ministry.

Children's Hunger Fund at Answers Mega Conference
Gospel Tracts

You can also help with this great venture. Every one of our English tracts purchased helps to fund tracts translated into other languages for use abroad.

We have also been encouraged to see the great amount of people interacting with the Children’s Hunger Fund display in the Creation Museum. When we placed this display in the museum, we specifically located it immediately after the Fourth “C,” the Confusion room. It is in this room of the museum where museum guests learn that we are all from one race of humanity with one original set of parents, Adam and Eve. All humanity has one problem of sin and only one solution in Jesus Christ our Savior. Immediately after seeing this message, our guests are able to engage with a practical outworking of this worldview by partnering with this strategic program, meeting the needs of our hurting human family around the world and preaching to them the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Our tracts also answer real world questions as they point to the solution in the gospel. Also this year our VBS mission project was to provide tracts and meals through this vital partnership. This is creation evangelism in action.

So it was with the greatest joy that we announced last week at the Mega Conference that so far this partnership has resulted in over 244,000 meals being provided, accompanied with AiG tracts going to diverse locations throughout the world! Just think of these interactions as many families will be receiving much needed help through the local church bringing food parcels and messages of hope.

Also at the Mega Conference, I gave a talk that has become quite popular about being created in the image of God. As we understand that human value is only based on the objective propositional truth in Scripture, we understand that every human being is created in the image of God. This is different to every other creature mentioned in Genesis 1. Humans are immensely valuable, and this is even the case in this fallen world. In Genesis 9:3 we are told that human value is so high that taking a human life demands the highest consequence in judgment. This is because we are created in the likeness of God. In James 3:9 we learn that even speaking with a cursing tongue toward other humans is wrong because they are created in the likeness of God. When we understand the nature of human value given to us from the authority of Scripture, we can look at all of the people around the world with a greater urgency for both compassion and evangelism.

Steve Ham speaking at the Answers Mega Conference

Today we live in a world where the authority of God’s Word is continually ridiculed by the doubtful questions of a skeptical scientific age. When we can answer these questions and trust God’s Word, we have a true basis for seeing people as they really are: highly valued sinners who desperately need a Savior. We are also able to understand that the Great Commission really does mean that our care for humanity with the reach of the gospel must go to all tribes, tongues, and nations. It was on this basis at the Mega Conference I was immensely privileged to announce that 244,000 people have received a compassionate gift attached to a real message of hope.

Thank you for joining us as we equip the church for the global mission of the gospel.



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