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Steve Ham and Joe Owen

Last week at staff meeting, Steve Ham (director of Answers Worldwide Ministry) and I (Hispanic/Latin Ministry manager) gave an update on the Spanish outreach. After only 14 months since the Answers Worldwide ministry launched an effort to minister to the Spanish-speaking community in the U.S. and throughout the 21 Spanish-speaking countries, we stand amazed at what God has done and what it seems He is preparing for the future. In this time, we have had multiple international conferences in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Honduras as well as local conferences in Georgia, California, Washington, and Tennessee. Last month, while Answers in Genesis (USA) held its yearly Mega Conference in Costa Mesa, California, we also had the opportunity to hold a series of conferences in Spanish in San Diego, Oceanside, and Costa Mesa, and in Ensenada, Mexico. The response was just as amazing as it was encouraging. During this time, we had the honor of partnering up with such wonderful brothers as Miguel Esparza, director of Spanish ministry for The Way of the Master and Living Waters, and Jaime Simán, an engineer who is currently a Calvary Chapel pastor in California, but who also teaches biblical creation throughout Latin America as director and founder of ELVELA ministries (El Verbo Para Latino América—The Word/Logos for Latin America).

Also, this past weekend, we had the privilege to speak at La Primera Iglesia Bautista de Red Bank in Chattanooga with Pastor Jaime Betancourt. The conference was an incredible blessing for us and for many others. Some even traveled from Knoxville (about 1.5 hours away) to attend after seeing the conference announced on our Spanish webpage RespuestasEnGenesis.org. The pastor was so grateful for our ministry that, on the second day of the conference, he asked if we would commit to coming to the church’s 25-year anniversary on September 20, 2015 and be the keynote speaker for the event. In two days, we will head out again, but this time to Corona in Queens, New York to hold a conference at the church Aliento de Vida, which has a broadcasting ministry called Aliento Vision on US and Latin American cable TV. Following this conference, we are looking forward to our second annual Día Latino at the Creation Museum on October 11, where we will offer translated tours of the museum and even a mini-conference in Spanish in Legacy Hall, the museum’s auditorium. Last year, we had an attendance of approximately 400, and we are praying for even more this year. Also in October, we will partner with AiG speaker Bodie Hodge to offer a Spanish conference in Yakima, Washington as he gives an English conference, both sponsored by Sacred Messengers. In November, we will travel to Lima, Peru to speak at Canopy Ministry’s Creation Congress, and then later in November, we have been invited to speak at the Highlands Camp in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

There is so much going on even behind the scenes with resource translations, partnerships, and conference planning, so please stay tuned for more details! We also ask that you consider partnering with our worldwide ministry as we are just realizing the immensity of the need and the accompanying hunger that it brings for answers . . . answers to the skeptical questions of our day that not only face them as they share the hope of Christ in their communities, but also as they share the hope of Christ in their own homes.



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