A United Effort to Reach into the Spanish-Speaking World

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On October 11 we are going to have our second Latin Day in the Creation Museum. In one year of focused ministry to the Latin community we have seen God do so much in the lives of so many people. Before we give you the exciting details of the next Creation Museum Latin Day, join us in a quick journey of looking at God’s goodness to us so far.

A Year of Focused Ministry

In June of 2013, AiG Worldwide launched a united effort to reach into the Spanish-speaking world, which is comprised of 21 countries that are full of millions of souls! Since then, the Lord has really opened the doors and we have had the privilege of speaking in front of thousands of people in conferences and an even greater number of people through different radio stations and television networks throughout South and Central America, México, and the Dominican Republic.

Although this is praiseworthy news, we cannot forget about the country with the second-highest Spanish-speaking population in the world: the USA! Last fall, we sent out a few invitations to Spanish-speaking churches in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Accompanied by many prayers, we wanted to see if we could celebrate our first Día Latino at the Creation Museum as an outreach, hoping to get at least a small group. With the help of a handful of bilingual volunteers, we stood optimistic as the museum doors were opened the morning of November 2, 2013. Within three hours, the 400th Spanish speaking person made their way through those doors, not even knowing how each one of them was an answer to so many prayers!

Latin Day

We had only four interpreted tours scheduled for that day, but due to such a turnout, we scrambled to fit everyone into seven or eight tours. Each group made it through the museum, hearing in their native tongue the explanation of what they observed in the museum as each exhibit pointed them to the eternal truths found in God’s Word and thus, the gospel of Jesus Christ. A group even had the opportunity to have a live planetarium show given by AiG’s very own astronomer, Dr. Danny Faulkner, translated into Spanish by Roberto Hernandez, showing them the marvels of God’s general revelation as portrayed in the cosmos.

The families then had a great time of fellowship in Noah’s Café before heading downstairs to Legacy Hall to hear the “Relevance of Genesis” message given to them directly in Spanish with no interpreter. They were then pointed to our array of Spanish resources to further their understanding of biblical authority, and thus the biblical creation account—all beginning with the first verse of Genesis.


What an honor and privilege it was to have such a response! Well, if this is the response to a few invitations and prayer, what will the response be to prayerfully sending out invitations to other surrounding states, like Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, Illinois, and so on?

Second Annual Día Latino at the Creation Museum

We will find out on October 11, 2014! Yes, we are pleased to announce our second annual Día Latino at the Creation Museum. This year, we will have interpreted tours starting every 15 minutes! Also, we will have more volunteers, more resources, and more activities to create a fun family environment where everyone can learn about the historicity of the Word of God, thus coming to a clearer understanding of the gospel that it proclaims—and all in Spanish!

We are also praying for more volunteers! If you would like to polish your rusty Spanish and make a few new friends, come on out! You can send me an email.

Also, please consider supporting AiG’s worldwide ministry in prayer and financial support. The attack against the Word of God is worldwide, and we have the privilege of giving not just any answers but biblical answers in the native language of many people!

Thank you for joining us as we equip the church for the global mission of the gospel.



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