Why Are We Excited About the AiG Worldwide Ministry


In Acts 15:21–28 we read something very exciting. Paul and Barnabas traveled to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch encouraging the disciples in those areas. They also appointed elders in the church and with prayer and fasting committed them to the Lord in ministry. Paul and Barnabas were sent in ministry to help set up and support the local church in a global context.

The thing that I love so much about this is that Answers in Genesis, while not a church-planting ministry (since church-planting is the duty of the church itself), is a ministry focused on supporting the local church in a global context. The local context in global mission is extremely important because local people know language, culture, and customs better than anyone else. This is why we are so pleased to have trained many people in creation evangelism for ministry in their local area.

The AiG message is important worldwide because the belief systems of millions of years and evolution are a global attack on the reliability of Scripture. We train people and provide resources all over the world to help support local churches in defending the truth of God’s Word and pointing people everywhere to the reality and hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. This world needs the reliable message of a Savior, not the confusion of our modern skeptics. Every local church equipped is part of the global gospel solution.

Steve Ham, Senior Director Worldwide Outreach


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