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One of the most beneficial ministries of Answers Worldwide has been the International Training Seminars. We have seen nearly 50 people trained in a creation apologetics program to help them to take a strong defense of God’s Word back to their own countries. One of the most important parts of the program is helping our international students to identify how they might relate the relevance of Genesis in their culture.

The amazing thing is that each and every student finds the same relevance around the world. The foundational history in the book of Genesis helps every person to understand that they have a Creator, that they have one original set of parents who sinned against the Creator, and that every human’s inherent sin brings consequences. This has an obvious and direct effect of illuminating our need for a Savior, Jesus Christ.

The problem of believing in evolution and millions of years is evident throughout the world. Wherever this philosophy is taught (which is basically everywhere), there is a distinct confusion about the reliability of the Bible. Especially when evolution and millions of years are embraced in the church, people’s understanding of the consequences of sin is in confusion because this kind of thinking puts the consequence (death) before the cause (sin). Teaching a truly biblical Christian worldview to international students is one way God is using Answers in Genesis to point to the credibility of the Bible and the reality of the gospel across this globe.

Steve Ham, Senior Director Worldwide Outreach


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