Ken Ham’s Fond Memories from Malaysia


Exciting Follow-up to the All-Asian Creation Conference

As I reflect on our creation conference last month in Malaysia, it brings back some very fond memories. I have been speaking on the book of Genesis for over 35 years now, and I don't think I have ever spoken at a more powerful and exciting overseas event, as about 1,000 people from 20 Asian countries gathered for three days of apologetics teaching (called the All-Asian Creation Conference).

The enthusiasm of the participants (some of them came from countries that are very closed to the gospel, and even getting a visa to travel to Malaysia can be very difficult) occurred right at the beginning of the conference and after my first talk—when the bulk of the resources we shipped over were swept up in just a few minutes! Three days later, the conference concluded with a 12-minute standing ovation. We have had some great meetings in the United States and other countries, but this one was certainly up with the best!

While I was in Australia, Dr. David Crandall of AiG, who helped organize this All-Asian Creation Conference (originally planned to be hosted in Thailand several months ago, until political unrest cancelled the meeting) gave a 30-minute report to our staff on the conference. He showed some slides of this wonderful event. Here are a few of them:

Dr. Crandall giving a report on the AACC at the AiG offices

A slide behind Dr. Crandall shows the so-called "Missionary 10/40 window," a region which has many nations largely unreached with the gospel.

A slide behind Dr. Crandall shows the so-called "Missionary 10/40 window," a region which has many nations largely unreached with the gospel.

Dr. Crandall worked with a Malaysian businessman, Joseph Tan, in putting together one of the best organized events we’ve ever been a part of. The only thing that didn’t quite “work out” is that 600 people had pre-registered, and we thought that this figure would be close to the final tally—but about 300 to 400 additional people actually turned up at the door for various programs. I—m glad they prepared by having extra seats out just in case!

Here is one of my blogs from last month on this creation conference in Asia:

By the way, you may have noticed the unusual backdrop for Dr. Crandall’s chapel presentation for our staff.  The stage is being set up for our special Christmas Town celebrations. Find out more about this special outreach (most of the activities are free) at

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