Worldwide Report


The annual International Training Seminar will be held at AiG Offices and Creation Museum in April 2012. People from the following Countries have been vetted so far and have been invited:

  • Philippines (2), Asia
  • Peru, South America
  • Taiwan, Asia
  • South Africa, Africa
  • Malaysia, Asia
  • Myanmar, Asia
  • Canada, North America
  • New Zealand, Scandinavian
  • England, Europe
  • Bolivia, South America
Answers Worldwide will be negotiating with our embassies to get a visa for each person.

The Olympics Outreach work is getting more intense as we negotiate for airline tickets. Because of the Olympics, nothing is cheap.

The next All-Asian Creation Conference will be held in Chiang Pai, Thailand, in March of 2013—we are working on preliminary plans.


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