Testimonies from the All-Asian Creation Conference


Pastor Va (Myanmar)

I really appreciated the way you assisted to join All Asian Creation Conference. The conference was so amazing and it is a new way of reaching to each nation. It reminded me that we need to lay a solid foundation of Christian belief so that our next generation can carry out this good news of Christ to other people groups and nations. Again, thank you so much for everything.
Jireh Love (Philippines)
It is with a grateful heart to God to be part of the All-Asian Creation Conference.  I would like to let you know that it has been quite refreshing. You've done a great part in keeping the program and people on schedule, and your team has done a tremendous job in glorifying God through serving others. May you continue to stay faithful in the ministry that God has given you. Kindly extend my personal thanks to the speakers as well.
Stephan Lavkush (Nepal)
Attending the conference has blessed me and the many participants. I thank the LORD for providing such an important conference in Malaysia. I am so blessed and thank you once more from the core of my heart.
Ong Ai-Lyn (Malaysia)
Thank you very much for organizing the first Creation conference of its kind in Asia. It was a great blessing to my children, Tiana & Kitron, as well as myself (Although, truth be told, I was initially a reluctant participant.  I went because I was getting fed-up with my children's penetrating questions and my perpetual ever-ready answer of 'I don't know!!!') I came out of the conference renewed in spirit having received a fresh insight into Genesis, and all fired up and confident to share what I'd learned to my cell. Now my pastor has asked if I am prepared to share as well in church sometime at the beginning of next year. Most of the pastors here are eager and hungry to learn the truth but have been exposed to the millions of years teachings at school, college and University. For them to hear that the Earth is as old as the Bible says requires a lot of convincing. But I believe the way that AiG presents the evidence to refute the millions of years theory is the answer. As one of my cell members commented," We really need to re-educate ourselves because we have always been indoctrinated with Darwin’s evolution and millions of years theories and it's not going to be easy. We have always assumed that Discovery Channel and National Geographic are right!"
Jacinta Fong (Malaysia)
Thank you for all your efforts, sleepless nights, stress, sacrifices, arrangements and planning. It was worth every second. I posted on my Facebook some pictures, many responded and asked “When is the next conference!?”  Thank you for giving us a chance to see God.
Dr. Huang (Malaysia)
It was a great blessing for me to attend the conference. Thank you for all you have done in organizing the conference, glory to the Lord. I have a great interest and burden in pursuing the subject. I also had an opportunity to network with missionary in Cambodia, bro Cheah, we have been in touch since then.
A Parent
My 7 year old son is well exposed to the topic now, and well explained on areas that I was unable to explain earlier. I also learned a few new things, and understand better how the millions of years theory can impact badly on our faith. Other plus point that I personally loved is the demonstration how we can stand firm and defend our belief and how we are not to compromise.
Youth Leader
This conference has opened up my eyes and mind to realize: 1) the importance of creation science and 2) how people all over the world are serving our great God in so many different ways. I have to confess: I didn't think of millions of years much before the conference but now I know the implications & serious consequences.
Marketplace Leader
The Conference was enlightening and informative. It gives me a totally new perspective of Creation and evolution. Very useful tools for evangelism especially to those with questions on such issues like evolution. The conference was generally very well organized.
Ministry Leader
The presentation of the Book of Genesis was very clear. I found it knowledgeable and the creation truth was definitely eye-opening.
Prof. Andy McIntosh (UK)
Nearly all the 500 from Malaysia were believers, and I learned that there is a surprisingly large percentage of believers in the country (approx 10% would be nominally Christian). However, I spoke to one delegate from Kuala Lumpur who was not yet a believer. He had fallen away from belief in Christ, primarily because he had been given a superficial understanding of what it meant to be a Christian, without any careful ministry showing the intellectual rigor of the faith, which is firmly anchored in Genesis. He has gone away very thoughtful and I think is close to the kingdom.

Another is a believer and a government geologist, but very unsure of 6 day Creation but really made to think after hearing all the talks over the days of the conference. These were typical of the conversations with the many delegates.


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