Report 2009-June 2010


Vancouver Olympics

Local Committee in Vancouver

Evangelism booklet 125,000 printed

Translated into 7 Languages

110 members

AiG Conference with Ken Ham

95,000 booklets distributed and dozens saved

Vancouver Olympic Booklet Project

7 Languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish

London Summer Olympic Project 2012

Projected:  200 Team Members

Ministries that AiG WorldWide Sister Organization Status

Korean Association Creation Research

Creation Research Japan

Philippine Creation Ministries

Peru Creation –

India Creation Ministries

Japan Translation Project

Team complete project IN JAPAN August 2009

6 Ken’s messages translated and produce in Japan

The Lie translated and printed in Japan

Thailand Translation Project

The Lie

Translated and Printed in Thailand

3 PhD’s did translation

Distribution at largest Christian Conference in Thailand

Russian Translation Project 2010

Next Language on list of 12 major languages

Holy Land Tour Host 2009

65 passengers

Holy Land Tour Host 2010 with Dr. David Crandall and Dr. Andrew Snelling

All Israel with Geological Component

October 2010

90 Passengers (Two buses) waiting list

Countries where I ministered in recent months

Canada (2), Italy, Portugal, Greece, Japan (2), South Korea (2),


International Training Seminar 2009

Moldova, India 2, Singapore, Portugal, Russia, Malaysia 2, Hungary, Egypt 3      (12 Trainees)

Total to date: 22 Countries

International Training Seminar April 2010

6 Arabic Leaders- Egypt, Jordon and Canada






Met Boards of Japan, Korea and Philippine Creation Organizations

Meeting In Athens Greece—American Missions to the Greeks ministries

Children’s Creation Magazine

New Jersey India Conference Keynote speaker with Ken Ham

Korean Creation Museum Project

Flower Garden Church—preached to 27,000 People

Construction of Creation Museum

Patrick Marsh travel with me to Korea

Named: Creation Museum Korea Special Advisor

Translation Projects this Month:

Thai (Thailand)    The Lie of Evolution Project (complete)

Japanese (Japan)   The Lie of Evolution Project (complete)

Korean                   The Lie of Evolution Project (in process)

Honored this year for 30 years on Executive Board of ABWE

AiG WorldWide Translation Ministry Levels:

Translation for personal ministry with limited distribution

Translation for our Website

Translation in a language group for free distribution (developing Countries)

Translation and resale in Country

Diana Crandall, Director Of Translation Ministry

45 PROJECTS - AiG WorldWide

  1. Chinese – DVDs  “The Best Evidence for Creation” Kirby, The Astronomy DVD by Jason Lisle, “Creation Adventure Team – Jurassic Ark”
  2. Chinese – Articles  “Thinking Outside the Box”, “Do Species Change”
  3. Spanish – “It all begins with Genesis”, “The 7 C’s of History”
  4. Georgian – Web – Creation:’ Where’s the Proof?’ Is Natural Selection the Same Thing as Evolution? Creation Evangelism, Dinosaurs and the Bible, Why Christians should not accept Millions of Years.
  5. Ukraine- “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”
  6. Croatia/Slovenia – Creation: Where’s the Proof? Searching for the ‘magic bullet’, Evolution Exposed, Chapter 1: What is Science?, Life from life. or not?, God & evolution: do they mix?
  7. Japanese – “The Lie”  published and ready
  8. Thai – “The Lie” at the printers
  9. English – “Gold Rush, Vancouver”  Dr. David Crandall
10. Japanese – “Gold Rush, Vancouver”

11. French – “Gold Rush Vancouver”

12. Spanish – “Gold Rush Vancouver”

13. German – “Gold Rush Vancouver”

14. Russian – “Gold Rush Vancouver”

15. Chinese  - “Gold Rush Vancouver”

16. Hindi – DVDs, “Ken Ham Mini Series”

17. Telegu – DVDs “Ken Ham Mini Series”

  1. Arabic Translation:  19-34
  2. Pocket Guide for Effective Evangelism by Ken Ham
  3. Why Does God’s Creation Include Death & Suffering? by Dr. Tommy Mitchell
  4. The Seven C’s of History by Ken Ham & Stacia McKeever
  5. Evolution, Creation & the Culture Wars by Ken Ham
  6. 7 Reasons Why We Should Not Accept Millions of Years by Dr. Terry Mortenson
  7. What Does the Bible Say about Astronomy? by Dr. Jason Lisle
  8. Why Is There Death & Suffering? by Ken Ham and Mark Looy, editors
  9. Six Days or Millions of Years? by Ken Ham
  10. Where Did the “Races” Come From?
  11. How Should Christians Respond to “Gay” Marriage? by Ken Ham
  12. Is There Really a God? by Ken Ham
  13. What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by Ken Ham
  14. Are ETs & UFOs Real? by Dr. Jason Lisle
  15. Was There Really a Noah’s Ark and Flood? by Ken Ham
  16. Where Did Cain Get His Wife? by Ken Ham
  17. Fund Raising and help with Arabic Creation Web site.
  18. Kreyol – 7 web articles and the 7 C’s
  19. Chinese     - Museum DVDs: Dinosaurs & Dragon Legends, Flood Geology, Heaven & Earth, The Last Adam
  20. Hindi/Bengali – The Purpose and Meaning of Life
  21. Japanese – Chapter from Answers 2  “The biggest Question of All”
  22. Dutch – DVDs  “Created Cosmos”, “Created Moon”
  23. Ukraine – Selected magazine articles
  24. * March 2009 Holy Land Trip- 52 donors?  Hosted by Mark and Renee Looy & Carl and Masami Kerby in the death of Diana Crandall’s Mom
  25. *March International Training Seminar: Moldova, India, Singapore, Portugal, Russia, Malaysia, Hungary, Egypt  12 Trainees
  26. *August – Ken Ham Mini Series in Tokyo
  27. Speaking at two family camps:  BaYou Ca,  Smithville Flats, NY; Mammoth Springs, Arkansas
  28. Several Churches
Thanks for your prayers

Dr. David R. Crandall

International Director

AiG WorldWide


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