International Training Seminar


In the boardroom and hallways of the Creation Museum of Answers in Genesis this week one can hear multiple languages being spoken. Arabic, Japanese, Tagalog, Portuguese, and a Visayan language from the Philippines were the languages spoken by our guests at the International Training Seminar.

Answers Worldwide has sponsored and funded 14 international leaders to the third annual ITS training time. They have listened to over 16 hours of lectures by our AiG speakers.  The training included a tour of the Creation Museum, the provision of an entire AiG library and many hours of questions and answers.

Diana Crandall joined her husband David Crandall and Ken Ham to present a Certificate of Completion that states that the person has “successfully completed the intensive training in Creation Apologetics at the International Training Seminar offered by Answers WorldWide”.

These Christian leaders will now take what they have learned back to their countries and teach others the truths of Genesis and the entire Bible.

Pray for these leaders as they return to their home countries armed with ammunition to help them defend the Christian faith and proclaim the gospel in their respective countries.


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