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Due to the violent political turmoil that exploded in Thailand a few weeks ago, the All-Asian Creation Conference (AACC) in Chiang Mai has regrettably been postponed. This event— which had been scheduled for January—will instead be held in Singapore November 15–17, 2011. AiG WorldWide (our ministry’s international outreach) along with AiG’s public safety officers continue to monitor the situation in Thailand. Meanwhile, we ask you to join us in praying for the safety of our fellow Thai Christians. We are also asking God to heal their land, and that great revival opportunities will be open to the Christian community in Thailand. In light of the Thailand situation, our Asian organizing team is scrambling right now to set up the Singapore event in this beautiful and modern island nation. (A creation conference in Thailand will be held at a later date.) A component of the 2011 conference in Singapore is a vacation/missions trip for westerners to also tour Asia, and be part of this first-ever Asian “10/40 Window” creation conference. It will feature AiG President Ken Ham as the keynote speaker.


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