Pursuing Grace Relations at Answers for Women’s Conference

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Answers for Women 2018 is right around the corner! As we endure the colder months here in the Midwest, we look forward to the spring that brings warmer temperatures and new life in the form of green grass, flowers, and baby animals. This reminds me of this year’s conference theme: life.

How can we effectively contend for life in a world that so often wants to harm human life and eliminate it? We are privileged to have Dr. Charles Ware, president of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, coming to speak to us on the topic of race. Here is what Dr. Ware had to say about his presentation:

Racists, white privilege, reverse affirmative action, police brutality, injustice, and inequities dominate mass messages concerning race. Black lives, white lives, all lives? NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. The removal of some Confederate flags and historical statutes. Immigration. The evening news may soon be rated PG-13!

A “white” mother of two adopted “black” boys fears for the safety of her boys due to comments she heard in her predominately “white” community. Due to affirmative action a white person was not offered a job. A white manager’s review of an immigrant included inaccuracies in fulfilling orders. He was called a racist! There is even a call for the confiscation of farms and killing of white people in South Africa! The President of the United States, Donald Trump, feels compelled on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, to repeatedly declare that he is not a racist.

It is critical that the Church pursue grace relations rather than race relations. Grace (God’s Reconciliation at Christ’s Expense) offers a healthy foundation for dealing with the sins of the past and the alienation of the present as well. Grace relations are built upon forgiveness and the intentional pursuit of peace, trust, unity and loving relationships because of Christ. The Church must move beyond society’s blame and shame game. The anger, distrust, and polarization of such a philosophy are very apparent today—but it need not remain so.1

Many believers are confused, fearful, and depressed in this racially divisive and polarized culture. Where do we begin? What do we teach our children? We are at a critical point in our country and our world. Communities and churches are looking for honest, respectful, encouraging, and enlightening interactions that lead to biblical efforts to transform our communities for the glory of God.

As believers we move beyond cursing the darkness to creating communities of light for the glory of God. The biblical worldview of “one race, one blood” provides rational answers to the foundational problem of sin and gives answers rooted in Christ that provides a path toward a better future.

We must teach our children the chronological, biblical history of human kind. Understanding that we are one race, the human race (Genesis 1:27), but one sinful race (Romans 3:23) explains our origin and the messy society in which we live!

Thankfully, the biblical worldview does not leave us hopeless. While all humans’ DNA ancestries lead back to our sinful parents Adam and Eve, we have hope through the gospel. God’s grace offers, through Christ, salvation from sin and a new identity in Christ (Ephesians 2:8–9,14–22). Through Christ’s blood, people from every language, people, tribe, and kindred are one body (Revelations 7:9–10)!

So how do grace relations help us at this moment in history? At the 2018 Answers for Women conference, we will provide biblical answers! Grace relations present a gospel-centered hope. Our goal is to encourage believers (Ephesians 4:29) to build relationships that manifest we are Christians (John 13:35) who promote united efforts to reach all people with the life-giving gospel (Matthew 28:19–20) for the glory of God (Matthew 6:9–10).

I’ve had the honor of hearing Dr. Ware speak several times, and his messages are dynamic and heartfelt, so you won’t want to miss this powerful presentation. The early bird deadline is coming soon (February 1), so register today!

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!


  1. Ken Ham and A. Charles Ware, “Grace Relations,” chap. 7 in One Race One Blood (Green Forest, AR: Master Books) 2010, 137.

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