A Valued Life Equals a Transformed Life

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Have you registered yet for this year’s Answers for Women conference, Life: Contending for Life from Beginning to End? I’m thrilled that this year we will hear from Vicki Moore, founder and CEO of Rahab’s Rope. I met Vicki a few years ago when she and her husband came to an Answers for Women conference to sell fair trade items.

As stated on their ministry website, “the mission of Rahab’s Rope is to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. We provide a safe and loving environment that will enable them to grow and develop both physically and spiritually.” Here’s what Vicki had to say about her ministry and the presentation she’ll be giving at this year’s conference:

Many times we say it casually: God is Love. (1 John 4:8) But think about it: God is Love! What does this mean to me as an individual? God loved me so much, he sent his only Son to die for me (John 3:16)! Do I really believe that? Does God really value me enough to send his only Son to die for me? If I believe, how should this belief transform and form my life (Philippians 2)?

Imagine being a little girl, never going to school, being told you were a burden on your family, and only knowing the physical labor of field work with your migrant family. Your life feels hopeless yet somehow normal. One day when you are 15, your aunt asks you to stay late in the field and work with her, so you do. However, when everyone else leaves you realize your aunt was selling you to a gang of men. You are left helpless to defend yourself, brutally abused and beaten by many, tied up, and left for dead.

Someone finds you in the field, unties you, and you run for your parents. You are afraid to tell what happened in fear you would get in trouble. You become pregnant and tell your parents what happened; they blame you and disown you from the family. Feeling hopeless and alone, living on the street, you pray to the gods of your family but no help comes. One day a lady offers help and takes you to a home where many women live. You are scared not knowing what this place is. People began to care for you and your baby. They tell you about a God called Jesus and his love for you. You see a care and love that you have never seen before and begin to think this God called Jesus must be real. You begin to believe that your life has value because of Jesus. You decide to pray to Jesus, and you realize something is different. You know without any doubt that your life has changed, and you must share this with others.

This is a true story of a young woman whose life was transformed when she realized her value in Christ. She shared her new life with hundreds, and many have believed because they saw the work of Christ in her life. When we realize how much God loves us and that he values us so much he gave his life for us, it will transform us to be like him.

The ministry of Rahab’s Rope exists to give hope and opportunity to some of the most marginalized women and children on the earth: those trapped in the sex trade of India. Hear how God’s love is transforming these lives.

Little children, let us not love in word or talk, but in deed and in truth. (1 John 3:18)

Statistics show nationally and internationally that sex trafficking continues to be on the rise. I look forward to learning how we can better contend for the lives of these women and young people that are God’s image bearers, not property. Register today to take advantage of the early bird special (ends February 1), and remember the price includes Creation Museum and Ark Encounter admission for attendee and discounted rates for spouse and children.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

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