Spring is Coming!

by Buddy Davis on March 15, 2010

I have been at the museum the last two weeks, enjoying warmer weather and seeing some signs of spring such as flowering bushes and spring flowers. We have had good crowds at the museum and we have met wonderful people from all over the U.S.

I am still working on the songs for my new CD. I think it will probably be a 2-CD set. I’m hoping to find out soon when I can get in the studio to record. We have been working lately on a new children’s workshop for the museum. It is on Pterodactyls—Flying Dragons. We are finalizing it now, and hopefully will have it ready within a couple of months.

We will be traveling to Cambridge, Ohio, this weekend for ministry at First Baptist Church. I’ll be speaking during the worship service, and then in Sunday School. In the evening, I will be doing a music concert and then a children’s talk—Dinosaur Detective. On Monday, I will be speaking and doing a mini-concert at a banquet. Then at 5:00 that evening, I will be doing a children’s workshop.

Spring is a busy time, but we love the warmer weather. We also love to see the people come to the Creation Museum!


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