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by Buddy Davis on April 1, 2010
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We just wanted to update you on where and what we have been doing lately. We enjoyed our time spent in Cambridge, Ohio, at First Baptist Church and with the House of Samuel Ministry. We did have a little excitement when we set off the alarms at the church in the afternoon. There were other people in the church when we arrived early afternoon and we did not know that when they left, they set the alarm. We decided to go look at the room where Buddy would be doing a workshop. When we left the room where we were in, the alarm went off. I did have the pastor’s cell number and immediately called him, but we didn’t get the alarm shut off in time before the police arrived. We told them what happened, and they just smiled and left. I have a feeling that is not the first time they were called for something like this. The rest of the day was quiet.

On Thursday we flew to Fargo, North Dakota, and did a Home School Conference. Buddy did four workshops and a concert. It was very well received with lots of children attending. There were about 800 people there.

This past weekend, Buddy spoke in Normal, Illinois. He did a sculpturing workshop and a concert on Saturday evening. On Sunday, he did junior church, Sunday school, and in the evening he did the Relevance of Genesis talk. Before he spoke in Sunday school, the puppet team from the church did one of Buddy's songs about Noah, called “Problem Solved.” I have included a photo of the puppets.

We are working on getting a date when Buddy can record. We are going to do two CD’s—one for children, and one for adults/family. We will be recording at GAT3 Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are so excited about this project and can't wait to hear the final mix!

We don’t know the projected date of release, but keep looking on the website for more information.

[Post by Buddy’s wife, Kay Davis.]

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