News to Note, October 20, 2007

A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint


This week in News to Note we take a look at evolution and racism, an anniversary to forget, a fruitless search, a ban on intelligence, and bird songs.

1. DNA Discovery Raises Questions Regarding Racial Intelligence

The Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of DNA has caused considerable outrage by asserting that testing shows Africans’ intelligence to be inferior to that of whites.

2. An Anniversary We Would Like to Forget

Saturday, October 27, marks the fortieth anniversary of the passage of the 1967 Abortion Act in Britain, which legalized abortion in the country.

Answers in Genesis laments the increasingly anti-life political and social developments that have swept much of the world in the past quarter century, and with next Saturday marking a major anniversary of one of those political developments, we join hands with other Christian groups and ministries in the U.K. protesting the Act.

This coming Thursday, AiG–U.K.’s Paul Taylor will issue a more complete comment on the Act, on abortion, and on the Bible’s defense of the unborn child. In the meantime, visit our Get Answers page on Sanctity of Life to read about the Christian stance on abortion and euthanasia.

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3. Allen Telescope Array Commencing Search for Alien Life

A new telescope array designed in part to spot alien life got to work this week near San Francisco, California.

4. The Local: “Creationism to be banished from Swedish schools

Creation science may soon be kicked out of Christian school science classes in Sweden in what’s being called a government “crack down.”

In extremely disappointing news from Scandinavia, Sweden’s Local reports on a Swedish government crackdown on “the role religion plays in independent faith schools,” including the teaching of intelligent design and creation in science classes alongside evolution. This is part of a growing trend—which has seen recent success in Canada and elsewhere in Europe—to stem the tide of intelligent design and creation science by removing it not only from public (government-run) school classrooms, but also from independent religious schools.

To read more about the ban, visit “Swedes Ban Creationism from Schools—Including Christian Schools!” from AiG–U.K.’s Paul Taylor.

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5. Songbird, Sing Me a Song

A press release from Penn State University this week draws attention to the incredible mental capabilities of “ordinary” songbirds.

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