News to Note, June 16, 2012

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“Hippie chimp,” who’s who of human fossils, sweet tooth, six secrets of you, and more in this week’s News to Note.

1. Easy-Going Ape Joins Genome Club

Easy-going ape joins the genome club.

2. Dispute Over Largest Group of Human Fossils

Identity and age of the world’s largest group of human fossils is in dispute. “Getting that wrong even affects how we construct our own evolution,” says evolutionary expert.

3. Sweet Tooth

“We have evolved to need coercion,” says Harvard biologist.

4. What is Man?

What is man? A series of lucky evolutionary accidents—a mutant masterpiece!

And Don’t Miss …

As we reported last week, evolutionists lost a battle in the Korean educational system, and some “evolutionary examples” are being expunged from high school textbooks. Dr. Georgia Purdom has obtained additional information from a Korean creation scientist detailing how the Society for Textbook Revision, which is associated with the Korea Association for Creation Research and the Korean Evolution Research Society, has convinced the Korean Ministry of Education and textbook publishers to critically evaluate some of the iconic evidences used to support evolution. Changes are voluntary, and publishers are being encouraged to remove some examples because they are not based on sound observational science. Some iconic examples of evolution that are considered outdated even by evolutionists often remain in textbooks as if they were undeniable proofs. Be sure to read Dr. Purdom’s analysis of this encouraging story. This is a good step forward, comparable to allowing open and critical discussion of the scientific evidences used for evolution in classrooms in this country. And vocal evolutionists are not happy about these developments. But the opponents of God’s truth do not rest, so remember to pray for biblical creationists seeking to remove stumbling blocks to faith in God’s Word in Korea!

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