News to Note, end-of-year 2012

An annual feature examining the top news of 2012 from biblical viewpoint

Join us now for the year-end highlights of News to Note 2012. We’ll recap news items covering key issues in the battle for biblical authority, scientific discernment, and intellectual honesty.

Join us now for the year-end highlights of News to Note 2012. We’ll recap news items covering key issues in the battle for biblical authority, scientific discernment, and intellectual honesty. This year some evolutionists even took a shot at Doctor Who. Their determination to subvert biological and biblical truth by getting the public to think of dinosaurs as feathered beasts on an evolutionary path shows that dinosaurs have become a powerful propaganda tool. Bible-believing creationists must therefore always be prepared to show how biblical history can explain dinosaurs.

1. The Doctor's dinosaurs

Doctor Who and Dinosaurs

What’s wrong with this picture? (Evolutionists critique Doctor Who.)

2. Walking up the evolutionary tree

Evolutionists regularly try to explain how we became human. Because they deny the explanation provided by our Creator in the Bible, they imagine an increasingly complex tree of life, supposing all the traits that make us different from animals are simply random animal add-ons that worked. Bipedality is currently viewed as the key skill that supposedly gave our ape-like ancestors the chance to think on their feet and develop bigger brains. And to cooked food currently goes the credit for fueling those bigger brains. The following two news items explore some of the fallacies in these supposed secrets of humanity’s imaginary ascent up the intellectual ladder.

Walking Up the Evolutionary Tree

Are we human because we learned to walk on our own two feet . . . or do we walk upright because we’re human?

3. Brainfood

Brainfood: Cooking

Cooking: the key to evolutionary success

4. Starburst

Have scientists actually discovered a stellar nursery? Have astronomers ever witnessed the birth of stars anywhere other than on science fiction programs or on computer screens displaying the results of software designed by an evolutionary astronomer to simulate what his mind imagines but has never observed? Or do discoveries like a bluish galaxy 5.7 billion years away actually provide strong evidence for a young universe?

New Stars in Bright Blue Galaxy?

A bright blue galaxy: is it bursting with new stars?

5. Gene Genesis

Believers in molecules-to-man evolution insist life can randomly evolve from non-living elements, a process that has never been observed. Despite claims that information-carrying molecules can randomly evolve to replicate themselves and transmit blueprints to new generations of primordial life, no process exists by which such coded information could spontaneously arise. Furthermore, simpler organisms have no demonstrable way to acquire the genetic information to become new, more complex kinds of organisms. This year some evolutionary scientists claimed they witnessed genes acquiring new functions—evolution in action. Yet as you read on, you will see that they have only witnessed old genes performing functions they already had.

New Function through Gene Duplication

Evolutionists claim to have demonstrated the evolution of a new function through gene duplication.

And Don’t Miss . . .

  • This year has finally seen the idea of “junk DNA” junked. Read more about it at Junk DNA and ENCODE Revisited.
  • Where will our curiosity take us? To Mars and to the future of space exploration, yes. But not back in time to prove life evolved on the Red Planet. Read more about the evolutionary motivation behind Curiosity’s mission at News to Note, August 11, 2012.
  • Did you know that secular humanists are engaged in a battle for your children? Popular TV personality Bill Nye has been crusading for your children, pleading with creationist parents not to teach their children biblical truth. Completely confusing experimental “here-and-now” science with historical (origins) science by equating technology (e.g., smoke detectors) made purposefully by intelligent human beings with the mindless, purposeless, directionless process of evolution, Nye claims that modern life as we know it will cease if the next generation doesn’t accept evolutionary dogma. Read more at Bill Nye’s Crusade for Your Kids and News to Note, December 1, 2012.
  • God’s Word declares the shedding of innocent blood to be abominable (Proverbs 6:16–17). This year a pair of bioethicists argued in favor of “after-birth abortions” on the ground that newborns “are not really persons.” Despite their reprehensible recommendations, they correctly point out that killing babies after birth and aborting the unborn are morally equivalent. Recently, in the aftermath of horrific mass murder in Connecticut,1 our President rightly condemned the killing of these elementary school children. Yet given the pro-abortion policies of his administration, we must note the moral inconsistency and hypocrisy of all leaders who rightly condemn the actions of a school shooter in Connecticut while justifying legalized murder through abortions, abortifacient medications, and procedures that destroy human embryos. The Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, writing of Stalinist atrocities in her poem “Requiem,” wrote, “The hour has come to remember the dead. . . . I’d like to name you all by name, but the list has been removed and there is nowhere else to look.”2 These words are a fitting lamentation for 55 million unborn murder victims in this country since Roe v. Wade (1973) and hundreds of millions more in countries around the world—millions who remain nameless.

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