News to Note, April 27, 2013

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“Ata boy,” the non-alien, “Evolution can kill you,” Starbirth on steroids? Stone Age Europe, When did life begin?

1.DNA Confirms Tiny Body from Atacama Desert as Human

DNA confirms tiny body from Atacama Desert belonged to a human.

2. Traditional Treatments for Infections May Strengthen Antibotic Resistance

Traditional “hit early and hit hard” approach to treating severe infections may increase antibiotic resistance.

3. Distant Galaxy Allegedly Rapidly Forming Stars

Star light, star so bright—is this hot spot in the sky churning out stars at record-breaking speed?

4. Modern European Family Tree Has Stone Age Roots

Family tree of much of modern European population has Stone Age roots.

5. Researchers Calculate Life Began Before Earth Could Have Existed

Researchers calculate that life had to have begun so long ago earth did not yet exist.

And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Freedom continues under fire both here and abroad. The Obama administration’s case against the Romeikes was presented this week to a three-judge panel at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. The Romeikes are a German homeschool family currently under asylum in the United States after fleeing persecution triggered by their decision to homeschool their children. U.S. immigration Judge Lawrence Burman granted them asylum stating the Germany’s treatment of this family was “utterly repellant to everything we believe as Americans.”1 But, as we’ve reported recently the Obama administration’s Department of Justice has appealed that decision. While the judges’ ruling may not be known for many months, HSLDA attorney Michael Farris, who argued the case, commented, “Tough questions were asked on both sides, and it’s hard to predict the outcome. But I also remember arguing a case before a California court in 2008 and being convinced that we had lost. We ended up winning unanimously. So I know God can intervene.” All Americans should be very, very concerned about the outcome of this case because the Obama administration’s position threatens not only the constitutionally protected freedom of all Americans to direct the upbringing of their children but also the religious liberty of all Americans. Meanwhile, to see the ugly face of what happens when parents lose their freedom to direct the upbringing their children, see the latest on Sweden’s Domenic Johansson, a child forcibly taken from his parents as they prepared to emigrate to his mother’s home country in order to continue homeschooling. Overturning a previously favorable ruling, a Swedish court terminated parental rights in December. HSLDA is encouraging a world-wide letter-writing campaign urging Sweden’s Supreme Court to hear the case and return Domenic to his parents. For more information: Ken Ham’s blog and read our follow-up report this coming Monday.

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