“God Shut My Mouth”

on August 25, 2006
Featured in Feedback

“God shut my mouth before I could speak and pressed on me the importance of teaching the truth to my children.”

About 6 months ago I was getting ready to teach my 4th grader about creation. I was brought up in a public school that taught evolution and I put millions of years inside the 6 days of Creation. God shut my mouth before I could speak and pressed on me the importance of teaching the truth to my children. Someone sent me an email with a link to your site and to an event with Dr. Lisle. I went and realized how close I came to distorting God’s Holy Word with my humanist ideas! Thank you God for turning my path!

I attended the Creation College 2 in June and needless to say I am on fire for the truth! I want to teach myself, my family and everyone God prompts me to speak to about keeping God’s Word intact and not compromising a single verse. Answers in Genesis shows me where my thinking is in error and gives me the confidence and the tools to stand firm in a compromising world. With your help and all the excellent tools and material from the College, I will be able to teach Sunday schools, Awana, and my entire church about apologetics and the relevance of Genesis.

Two items speak to me personally more than any others: the parenting video by Ken Ham which helps me to focus on raising my family the way they should be and being able to answer what I believe in with Biblical authority. The other is the dedication in Ken Ham’s book: The Lie. I wanted to tell him personally how much it touched me at the College but I knew I would cry. I strive to be the parent who stands in the gap and teaches my children the truth, and as a military wife, I go wherever my husband goes. Mr. Ham’s dedication is the voice for how I live my life and want to be remembered.

So, I just want to thank God for your ministry, and tell you all that you are the most professional, competent, impressive, educated, and talented group of people I have ever been around. Everyone aat AiG is awesome! Thank you, and I look forward to spending my life standing beside you in the gap.

Tammy Griffith


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