We Learn About Satan in the Bible

Christians are often asked questions about Satan: Who is he? Was he created? When was he created? Satan is bound by time. He is neither omnipresent as God is nor is he omniscient. People fail to realize that Satan has no power in hell. Satan is not the “ruler” in hell but will be a captive of it just as they will be if they don’t receive the free gift of eternal life.

Satan in the Garden of Eden

The Bible tells us that Satan used a real serpent to deceive Eve. And because of his entrance into the serpent, he can rightly be called the “serpent of old” or “great dragon” in Revelation.

Praying for Satan

Jesus indeed told His followers to pray for those who spitefully use them, but the context of these passages makes it clear that Jesus was speaking about how to treat our fellow man. Nowhere in Scripture are we asked or commanded to pray for the salvation of Satan or his angels.

Television Usually Gets It Wrong

When we talk about famous Bible events we often assume we know what happened in rich detail, until someone asks, “But where’s that" in the Bible?” Then we realize how many details came from teachers, books, or movies, and not from Scripture. What does the Bible really reveal about that sly creature whose temptation brought ruin upon mankind?

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