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"Answers Bible Curriculum, Homeschool Edition seems like it was written FOR homeschoolers. You can easily use it across multiple grade levels with the workbooks and adaptations for younger and older students."

Cathy D.

"Absolutely amazing Curriculum!!!!! I love that the teachers' part is the same for all grades and that each grade has their own workbook that’s grade appropriate. We are starting year two in the fall… it’s been the biggest blessing to our family!!"

Lisa W.

"We are loving this curriculum and all the resources that go with it. This is just what we needed to give our children the apologetics background they need on their level.

Sharon S.

Excited to start year 1 with my daughter...Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our children, and making it easy for homeschool mothers to give them a firm foundation!"

Amanda W.

"We bought [ABC Homeschool] for our kindergartener. I'm very impressed with the variety of activities, all of which capture the focus of my 6-year-old, present solid truth to him, and invite great conversation. Will continue buying these. Thanks!"

Karen E.

"We love this curriculum. It's exactly what we were looking for in a world that's trying to feed our children lies."

Jennifer S.


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