How I Was Compelled to Go to the Mission Field

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by Mike Wild on June 16, 2015

How did you know for certain you were being called to the mission field?

–Gabriela Z.

Hello Gabriela,

Thanks for your great question. I never felt a specific “calling” to go to the mission field. I became a follower of Jesus Christ when I was a senior in high school. A couple of years later, after I married Libby, I saw a video about tribal people who had never had anyone to come to teach them about the Bible. Finally, a missionary went to live with them, learned their language, and taught them about Jesus. Many in the tribe received Christ with joy! This really convicted me. Why couldn’t I go and do the same? What was holding me in America? People living in difficult and dangerous areas of the world were still waiting for someone to tell them the Good News, and I did not see any reason why I should stay back where we already have lots of Bibles and Christian witness compared to these isolated tribal areas. Being burdened to teach Christ to those who had never heard the gospel, I was compelled to go (Romans 10:14–15). And there are still many more remote peoples in the world waiting for their turn to hear! That is one of the biggest reasons we are making these videos—to get the message out! My prayer is that the Lord will use the Wild Brothers series as a part in raising up many more laborers for the harvest!

Thanks again for writing.

In Christ,

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