Weather in the Tribe

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by Asher Wild on June 23, 2015

The weather here is very unpredictable: one moment it is sunny, and the next thing you know it is completely fogged in and pouring down rain. Then 10 minutes later it is sunny again. Often we have trouble with the laundry when it is drying outside on the line because the rain is so unpredictable. We boys will be doing something and Mom will say, “Hey, boys, come on, it’s raining and there are clothes on the line.” Or one of us will hear a little bit of rain on the tin roof and see if there are clothes on the line so we can bring them in. But, sometimes, right when we get the clothes in the house it gets sunny again.


It also gets pretty cold up here. We are from Florida, so we are not really used to the cold—especially not my dad. I have learned to really like it. One of the reasons is because at night it is nice to be cold and get into my nice cozy bed. The other reason is that I just like it better. It can be hot during the day though. Before we had a house to meet in for church, we would always bring umbrellas because it was really hot and the umbrellas kept us in the shade. Sometimes we would put sunscreen on if we didn't want an umbrella because it reminded us of the beach.

It doesn’t snow, but it can get really miserably cold, especially when it is raining and there is a lot of fog and mist. So our tribal friends have a fire going most of the day. We are thankful for our nice house that God has provided; we are actually pretty spoiled. We also like the clouds. There are tons of different kinds of them where we live in the jungle depending on the weather. On nice days, I like to ask Mom or Dad if I can take a walk. It is really nice to get away from the house and just admire all the beautiful things God has given me.

Asher and Newt

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