Our Pet Dog Kopi

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by Kian Wild on June 11, 2015

Kopi is a small dingo-like dog. He has tan fur that is short and rather wiry. His name originated from our former pet dog, which was his grandfather (also named Kopi). It is a common name for dogs in the area we live in.


Kopi belongs to our buddy Pu. The people we live with domesticate dogs mainly for hunting uses. It is very difficult to track down a tree kangaroo or cuscus without one of these canines. Kopi is a very good hunting dog and he rarely comes back from a hunting trip without some sort of meat.

The people we work with really enjoy their dogs as pets, but members of a neighboring tribe like to eat dogs. One time some tribal friends were crossing a rushing river and their dog tried to swim across, but he drowned. His body washed up under a rock, and a member of the neighboring tribe went down to cook him up for dinner!

Kopi is a faithful companion and is with us almost all the time. Whenever we are out hiking or hanging around in our front yard, Kopi is right there with us. Sometimes he waits by our front door or will come in our house to “ask” for table scraps. He is also a good watch dog. Whenever a stranger walks up the path, Kopi will bark to let us know. We are thankful to God for providing a faithful pet to us and our friend Pu!

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