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  • September Specials
  • Quick Answers Combo
    Quick Answers Combo

    These excellent resources for busy teens and adults help increase understanding of the big picture of Scripture and give quick science-confirming answers to some of the most-asked questions of our day.

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  • Experience the Ark
    Experience the Ark

    These books, DVDs, and CDs constantly top the best sellers list at the Ark Encounter. Bring the excitement home (or start planning your trip!) with the new Experience the Ark pack. Pack includes a cerficate for a 1-year print edition USA subscription to Answers Magazine to keep the answers coming all year!

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  • Echoes of the Jurassic DVD
    Echoes of the Jurassic DVD

    Did dinosaurs roam the earth 65 million years ago? Echoes of the Jurassic shows new discoveries with evidence for creation and biblical accuracy of Genesis.

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