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  • Foundation

    TrueSong is a unique vocal group that performs a variety of Christian music at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. As resident artists for these attractions, TrueSong also serves as ambassadors for AiG at music festivals and events throughout the country.

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  • Ken Ham Super Combo
    Ken Ham Super Combo

    In this three book set, Ken Ham brilliantly unpacks the Word of God, equipping Christian parents and their children to fight the escalating culture wars. Raising godly children in today's world takes passion, conviction and commitment to God's Word. This powerful combination of books is now available with super combo savings!

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  • God's Design Complete Set (MB Edition)
    God's Design Complete Set (MB Edition)

    Bible-based and Creator-centered, God’s Design for Science Curriculum will sow a love for science in your students grades 3–8. The evidence supports the Genesis account of creation! Bonus: Free Fearfully & Wonderfully Made book included.

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